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Entrepreneur Joshua Levinberg has gained a reputation for his success in profitable investment ventures. Through the company that he co-founded with partner Amiram Levinberg, JAL Ventures Ltd., he invests in businesses with a high potential for success across all industries. He is also the Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Gilat Satellite Networks, a company that he co-founded in 1987.

In 2003 Joshua Levinberg joined partner Amiram Levinberg in creating JAL Ventures Ltd, an investment firm. Through JAL the two have invested in firms such as Agropeace Bio Ltd., ERAYO.com, Kasamba, Matan Printers, Capital Point, DenTack, GoNetworks, Xsight Systems and C. I. Industries. JAL deals with the day to day operations of several of those companies and Joshua Levinberg is a current board member of Agropeace Bio Ltd, in the biodiesel market, Vanadium Software Ltd, which provides automated solutions to information technology management and Matan Digital Printers, a firm that develops and manufactures industrial digital printing solutions.

Founded a decade ago, JAL Ventures originated as the Levinberg brothers’ investment arm. Today, Amiram and Joshua Levinberg are converting it to a more ambitious project: a venture capital fund that will invest in Israel’s most promising small businesses. The fund has already raised over $60 million; this money will help emerging companies to find their footing in a competitive market. The Levinbergs, who established the fund in conjunction with general partners Yair Elbaz and Tal Shaked, are best known for their work with the Israeli company Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. In keeping with their background, they hope to encourage new entrepreneurs in high-tech, communications, and security.


Joshua Levinberg graduated from the Tel Aviv University with a BSc in electrical engineering. He recently returned to the university as a guest lecturer for the MIT Forum where he spoke about the telecommunications industry in general, and specifically in Brazil.

Business History

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd is a firm that provides networking products and services, including digital satellite communications based on Internet Protocol. Joshua Levinberg is a co-founder of the company and is still an active participant. He was also VP of Marketing for a division of Gilat Networks Ltd, Spacenet Inc. from 1995-1996.

Joshua Levinberg established Global Village Telecom (GVT) in 1997 and was the CEO from 1998-1999. Many of the company's business transactions take place in Brazil, where it provides vital telecommunications solutions to the local community.

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Joshua Levinberg an Israeli Startup Expert

Nathaniel Poole introduces Israeli entrepreneur Joshua Levinberg during the company exit session at the Startup Nation Conference in Miami, in May 2016. According to Poole, the ultimate goal for most startups is to cash out. He believes that the best way to learn about cashing out is to look at Israel and Israeli business people like Levinberg. The country was recently dubbed as Exit Nation after 96 companies were sold for more than US$9 billion in only one year. Joshua Levinberg is behind several highly successful startups, including Brazilian telecoms giant Global Village and Gilat Sattelite Networks. In this clip, he speaks about his involvement in the industry and gives practical advice to the audience.

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Joshua Levinberg
Joshua Levinberg
Joshua Levinberg
Joshua Levinberg